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What are Insect Screens for windows & doors?

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What are Insect Screens for windows & doors?

An insect screen is a frame with mesh embedded as a barrier that is proven to keep out insects, like mosquitoes, flies and other bugs.

The purpose of insect screens for windows and doors is to prevent the invasion of unwanted creatures via doors, windows and openings. They are designed to stop those annoying pests from entering your home. The screens come with many types of mesh sizes depending on how tiny you need the holes to be but remember – the smaller they are the harder it is for air to pass through. The idea of an insect screen is to allow natural airflow and reduce energy consumption.

It helps to protect you from diseases which may be brought into your home by insects such as mosquitoes or flies in countries where they are common. 

Screens can also be used for birds, cats and bats to stop them entering houses through their openings.

What types of screens for windows and doors are there?

The frames of the screens can be made from aluminium, metal, wood or plastic and the mesh can be made from aluminium or metal wire as well as fibreglass based PVC coated or fabric mesh.


What types of insect screens do you get?

There are many screens for windows and doors you can choose from the most common screens include:

1. Casement or Static Type Screens

These screens are the more traditional insect screens have an aluminium outer frame with another smaller frame that moves inside it in order for you to slide it up and down or sideways to get to your window handle and open your window. A door solution will have a track system with a sliding door for your existing sliding door or a frame with a hinged option on your existing Hinged door. As a static type screen is easy to clean and gives space for your window or door to close fully.

Insect Screens for Windows & Doors Side Hung Door Screen Sliding Door Screen

2. Wooden Screens

Wooden Screens are still being manufactured and normally are labour intensive to manufacture and comes with more maintenance. These screens are mostly manufactured to be a hinged-type screen.


3. Roller Type Screens

Roller type insect screens for windows are aesthetically pleasing in any environment as they have a spring loaded mechanism that enables you to clip or unlock them and then it rolls away and the guide rails on the sides keep the mesh in place as it rolls back into position. However, if one experiences stronger breezes or wind, the mesh tends to move out of the guide rails. The other issue is that the mesh in any screen for windows and doors effectively becomes a filter to airflow and collects dust. So when dust collects in a roller type mechanism, the mechanism becomes sticky and does not move as it normally would have.

Roller Type Screens


4. Magnetic Screens

Magnetic Screens normally are built with a singular lightweight frame that  holds the netting and then have a magnetic strip that allows you to fix it to your steel window or have an additional magnetic strip on an aluminium or wooden window to stick the magnetic screen onto. These screens need to be removed in order to get to your window to open and close and then put it back into position once your window is open.

Magnetic Screens

5. Bed Nets

Mosquito bed nets are usually manufactured specifically for any size bed and not for windows, doors and openings. These screens hang from above your bed enclosing you when you sleep to prohibit flying or crawling insects to bother you when you sleep.

Mosquito Bed Nets

How do you buy the right insect screen?

Buying the right insect screens for windows and doors you need to consider things like, the size of your window or door and how many screens you need. Do you want a screen to roll up manually? What type of screens do you require for your application.


What are the benefits?

The 5 benefits of mosquito screens are :

  1. Screens protect you and your loved ones from the risk of insect-borne diseases
  2. Mosquito screens are energy efficient. You can save on energy by letting natural airflow cool your home and use air-conditioning less.
  3. Screens can be installed easily with no tools required.
  4. Insect Screens are unobtrusive and will never look old or outdated, as they’re almost invisible once fitted and you can find them in a colour you choose to match the colour them of your home.
  5. Screens offer natural ventilation to your home without letting in bugs like mosquitoes, flies, spiders or the neigbors cat!

How much do fly screens cost?  

Depending on the type of screen you choose, mosquito screens an be bought from your nearest Hardware Store or find an Insect Screen Supplier that will visit your home and discuss the various solutions as well as provide you with an installation team to install professionally.


How do you clean insect screens?

When buying an insect screen for your home, if the mesh is a material type of mesh, you can clean dust off it with soapy water or even brush it clean with your feather duster.


How long does a flyscreen last?

The 2 main components in a mosquito screen are the frame and mesh in it. The mesh will last from a 2 years or more when frequently cleaned. However the frame being used when powdercoated can only last between 1 and 5 years in a coastal environment and 5-15 years in a non-coastal environment.


Purchasing Screens for your home.

When you are looking to buy screens for windows and doors in your home you need to know:

  • The reason or issue you experience.
  • Which rooms would need screens.
  • Do you need a short term or long term solution? That would determine if you buy them at the hardware store or being installed professionally.
  • Do you need to keep pests out only? Answer is an Insect Screen
  • Do you need a security barrier to keep unwanted visitors out too? Answer is a Security Screen.

For more information or getting a quotation on High Quality Insect Screens for windows and doors in your home, Contact Corner Star SA – The Flyscreen Company today!

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