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Can you see the Insect Screen?

Insect Screens manufactured by Corner Star are available for all types of windows and doors in a range of colours. Get a free quote today.

Corner Star Insect Screens has been designed with a unique cornering system and profiles to improve insect screening solutions. Corner Star prides itself in this Corner Star design as it has been proven to be the favourite in South African homes.
With Corner Star Insect Screens you can enjoy natural fresh air while keeping the pests out.

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Our range of window screens

  • The Corner Star Window Screens have been designed with a unique cornering system that is built with premium quality materials to ensure the best quality flyscreen in South Africa.
  • Made to fit any type of window system.
  • The design has no moving parts like a roll type screen and therefore minimal cleaning is required.
2 Sash Vertical Flyscreen

2 Sash Vertical Slider

2 Sash Horizontal Flyscreen

2 Sash Horizontal Slider

Flyscreen Side Hung Window

Side Hung Window Screen

OX Flyscreen Sliding Window

OX Sliding Window Screen

range of hinged door screens

  • A stylish designed door screen populary known as your kitchen or front door screen.
  • Manufactured to any size opening.
  • Weather strip, magnets and door handles included.
  • Customized accessories such as Cat & Dog Flaps or even Automatic door closers are optional.
  • A more durable mesh is used on our Door Screens with PVC Coating and UV Protection
Side Hung Door Screen

Single Hinged Door Screen

Double Side Hung Door Screen

Double Hinged Door Screen

range of sliding door screens

  • Our versatile range of sliding doors can be customized to cover any type of existing sliding door or patio.
  • Your views unobstructed with a seamless design.
  • Effortless Sliding System
  • Our black durable mesh is used on our Door Screens with PVC Coating and UV Protection
Sliding Door Screen

Single Sliding Door Screen

OXXO Sliding Door Screen

Double Sliding Door Screen

Triple Sliding Door Screen

Triple Sliding Door Screen

Mesh for insect screen
`stop pests
Full Range
Clear View Security Screen
standard insect screen colours
Energy Efficient Screens
Suitable for all homes
Full insect screen range

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About Us

The Corner Star flyscreen has fast become a favourite in homes and industry because of the unique design that makes it superior to other brands.