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Insect Screens manufactured by Corner Star are available for all types of windows and doors in a range of colours. Get a free quote today.


Corner Star Window Screens

The Corner Star Window Screens has an outer frame which holds 2 sashes which are held within the outer frame which could slide vertically or horizontally. The outer frame is designed to fit on the inside of your room, over the opening of your window.

The outer frame of the screen is attached with screws to wooden windows and with clips on Steel or Aluminum Windows.

If you have burglar bars, this is simply addressed by grinding cutouts on the frame so the frame slips neatly over the burglar bars.

The advantage to this design is that there are no movable parts as you would get in a roller blind style flyscreen. The Corner Star design is simple and requires no maintenance other than cleaning.

Corner Star Door Screens

Corner Star Sliding Screen Door
This has proved to be an extremely popular product. The unique design ensures that no insects can enter through gaps between the frames and the door. Fits on all aluminium and wood sliding doors.

The Sliding Screen Door comes with an outer frame which runs parallel with your existing sliding door. So when your sliding door is open, it simply slides over the door opening.

Side Hung Screen Door
The Side Hung Screen Door was developed as a result of many queries for a “kitchen door screen”. The Side Hung Screen Door can be manufactured to any size. It can be fitted to any single side hung aluminium, steel or wooden door. The Side Hung Screen Door is fitted with its hinges on the same side as the existing doors hinges, opening out in the opposite direction of the existing door. The Side Hung Screen Door is fitted with “pet resistant mesh” that is resistant to limited pet scratching against it. The option exists of fitting an Automatic door closer onto the side hung door.

Made to fit
Our screens are expertly measured and fitted by approved corner star technicians.The versatility of the unique system means we can custom design for your properties needs.
High quality materials
We don’t compromise. Our materials are the highest grade available, ensuring you a lifetime of value. Our screens are resistant to corrosion and UV, making them a must for coastal properties.eans we can custom design for your properties needs.
Let in natural airflow
Reduce your aircon bill and cool your home naturally with increase airflow.Our screen also reduce solar heat upto 50%.making them a must for coastal properties.eans we can custom design for your properties needs.
Keep pests out
Protect your home from mosquitoes, flies, baboons and snakes. Our screen has also been proven to reduce dust in your home. Great for those suffering from allergies and we can custom design for your properties needs.

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The Corner Star flyscreen has fast become a favourite in homes and industry because of the unique design that makes it superior to other brands.