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Keep the Baboons and Monkeys out with Corner Star Wildlife Screens

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Introducing Wildlife Screens from Corner Star – Keep the Monkeys and Baboons Out!


Are you tired of dealing with pesky wildlife creatures like monkeys and baboons invading your property?

They can be a real nuisance, causing damage and wreaking havoc. Fortunately, at Corner Star we have introduced an innovative solution to keep these critters out while still allowing you to enjoy fresh air:

Corner Star Wildlife Screens!

In this blog post, we’ll explore how these screens can effectively keep monkeys and baboons at bay.


The Latest Addition to Our Product Range

Corner Star SA is proud to introduce the Wildlife Screens as our latest addition to our product range. These screens are specifically designed with a unique clamp profile that secures a stainless steel mesh in place. This ensures that the screen cannot be easily opened from the outside, securing the opening against unwanted wildlife intrusions.

wildlife screens Wildlife Screens

Effective Protection Against Baboons and Monkeys

In certain regions where baboons and monkeys are prevalent, they have become a significant problem for property owners, lodges, resorts and game reserves to name a few. These intelligent creatures can find their way through window or door openings in search of food. Once inside, they leave behind a trail of destruction as they rummage through your belongings.

Baboon Monkey Screens

Prevent Property Damage

Not only do these wildlife animals pose potential health risks due to their unpredictable nature but they also cause considerable property damage when searching for food sources indoors. From knocking over furniture to tearing apart upholstery, their actions leave homeowners frustrated and facing hefty repair bills.

Enjoy Fresh Air While Keeping Critters Out

One of the biggest advantages of Corner Star’s Wildlife Screens is that they allow you to enjoy fresh air flowing through your property without compromising or inviting unwanted wildlife guests. The stainless steel mesh effectively keeps out not only baboons and monkeys but also insects, spiders, reptiles, and other creepy crawlies.

With Corner Star’s Wildlife Screens installed you can open your windows or doors with peace of mind, knowing that the Wildlife Screens act as a reliable barrier against intruding creatures while still allowing natural ventilation throughout your living spaces.

In conclusion, Corner Star SA’s introduction of Wildlife Screens adds an essential layer of protection to homes and businesses in regions affected by baboons and monkeys. So contact your nearest Corner Star Branch or Authorized Dealer and get the screens you need today!

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