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How to Keep Your Home Safe With Mesh Security Screens

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How to Keep Your Home Safe With Mesh Security Screens

Security Screen Hinged Door

In South Africa, security screens are a necessary secure door or burglar door as a security measure for many homeowners. These almost invisible security barriers can protect your family from intruders and also prevent pests or flying insects through open windows & doors. Although security screens have been around for awhile internationally, they have recently come into demand in South Africa as home security has become a growing concern in South Africa. This blog post will cover how to keep your home safe with security screens!

What is a security screen?

A Security Screen is an almost invisible burglar door barrier that consist of robust, yet elegant aluminium frames that embeds a Marine Graded Stainless Steel into the aluminium frame. It is also known as a security screen mesh, mesh security screen or security screen doors.

These security screens have different types of locks to secure it. Another benefit is having the security screen as an insect screen to protect your home from creepy crawlies and flying insects.

These kind of security measures provide one more layer in keeping our families safe from harm at all times – this has become increasingly important as crime rates continue to rise throughout South Africa daily!

7 Benefits of having Security Screens in your home are:

  1. Security Screens are a great way to add security without compromising your home decor by having an almost invisible security barrier and not an obtrusive burglar bar.
  2. Security Screen burglar doors and windows can help keep your home safe from unwanted visitors, flying insects, monkeys, baboons, snakes, spiders, birds or bats that may try to enter through windows, doors and patio openings.
  3. Saving electricity on air conditioning, provides ventilation and fresh air without compromising on security.
  4. When Security Screens are installed outside your windows and doors, it protects your glass from rocks and bricks being used by intruders.
  5. Stainless Steel Mesh provides clear views of your surroundings.
  6. Security Screens can reduce solar heat up to 50%.
  7. Both the frame and stainless steel mesh are non corrosive with standard powdercoated colours.

When Choosing the best Security Screen Corner Star provides:

  • SS316 Marine Graded woven Stainless Steel Mesh that is Black Powdercoated with a 0.9mm wire thickness that is resistant to corrosion and UV.
  • A unique cornering system with a fastening solution of both mechanical and chemical bonding.
  • High quality locks with anti-lifting properties.
  • Robust Aluminium profiles with an Inter-Locking Panel Design.
  • Aluminium Clip-On Track System for Sliding Solutions.

So when you are looking for a stylish security screen , look no further than Corner Star security screens. They are the ideal security solution for your home.

Corner Star has branches nationwide so get your free quote today!

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