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What is an Insect Screen

An insect screen is a material designed to cover a window or door opening. The main purpose of the insect screen is to keep insects, bugs, leaves, dirt, pests, and other unwanted things out of your home when you open the door or window. Insects are nagging and uncomfortable as well. However, there are products that help keep out all insects out of your kitchen, out of the house, and out of your life. With an insect screen, you can keep out all insects and any other small unwanted visitors.

The next time you want to sit down and enjoy a fresh breeze without the nagging insects, mosquitoes and flies, get an insect screen. It is a high time that you should protect your loved ones from disease-carrying insects by installing insect screens for your doors, windows and gates as well. Sometimes, leaving your window open to get some fresh air is impossible because if the annoying insects and flying bugs that constantly get in the house harassing you.

Maybe there is an outdoor space that you want to put to use in your home but you can’t because of bugs and mosquitoes. You are afraid they will annoy you during your free time or when you want to have that special dinner in the outdoor space.

Stacking Folding Secure Screen sliding door

If any of the above situations sound more like you, then you need to install the best insect screens. Assuming you want to install the insect screen on your patio. Experts at corner star South Africa arrive and measure the size of the insect screen for patio then deliver and install in the shortest time possible. The aim here is to make sure no more insects or flies bug your life anymore.

Types of Insect Screens

When delivering fly screen mesh in South Africa, the aim is to keep the bugs out but let the fresh air inside. One thing to consider when getting fly screen mesh for patio is the size and quality. Most of the installed fly screens are made of materials that warp and bend if accidentally knocked and they end up losing shape.

Experts at Corner Star Fly Screens South Africa recommend you get the best quality insect screens that keep out even the smallest flies and bugs. Letting in the fresh air in your home is relaxing, but without a fly screen, it also attracts insects and pests that annoy and irritate you. Some even causing diseases. Fortunately, we have different types of fly screens with a variety of materials. Insect screens are classified according to:

  • Material type
  • Weave
  • Color
  • Style


All fly screens in South Africa aren’t the same in materials and construction. There are different varieties and each of them offers unique benefits that fit any situation. In fly screen mesh, the main difference is the materials used which then determine other aspects of the fly screen. Some of the materials used in fly screens include:

PVC Coated Fiberglass

It’s the most common material for fly screens in South Africa. Also referred to as nylon mesh, fiberglass is famous in South Africa’s coastal towns as it doesn’t corrode, stain or rust. However, it stretches and tears easily as compared to the other materials.


It’s also a common fly screen material and its best known to withstand harsh weather conditions. Aluminum is more durable as compared to fiberglass but with time depending on where it is installed, it can dent or crease. To protect against this, heavy-duty aluminum is used.

For example, a fly screen for a sliding door is subjected to a lot of movements and accidental hits. Hence, using a heavy-duty material for the sliding fly screen door is advisable.

Stainless Steel

For people who live in bushfire-prone areas, stainless steel fly screens are recommended. It is a strong and tough material and is also good as a security screen option.


In areas where sun protection is needed, solar screens are recommended. They provide shade by blocking and absorbing heat making them ideal for areas near verandahs and porches.

Pet Screen

These are made from vinyl-coated polyester and they are tough with small mesh holes protecting the screen from damage and pet scratches.





Weave refers to the number of strands in a square inch which creates the space within the screen. The general rule with fly screens in South Africa is the tighter the weave, the less likely that something can creep through the open window or door. However, a tighter view blocks or interrupts your outside view so make sure you check for the best option before getting the tightest weave.


Fly screens come in different colors as well. You can request for a range of colors from Corner Star fly screens south Africa. You can also get clear anodize and attractive woodgrain finishes form us. We have to maintain the best quality standards of fly screens in South Africa and we have a range of standard colors from our coating chart to give utmost satisfaction to our clients.


There are different styles of fly screens available, but there are three main types to consider.

Retractable Fly Screens

They are also known as roller screen doors and they are a mesh roll that is contained in a housing cassette. The mesh fly screen unrolls and extends providing complete protection from bugs and insects. You simply pull the mesh along the top and bottom tracks and you are protected.

The retractable fly screens work the same way as roller blinds. They however use insect screen mesh instead of fabric. They are fitted horizontally or vertically while keeping in with the design of your home.

Pleated Fly Screens

Instead of using a mesh that rolls into a cassette, the pleated fly screens south Africa work like a concertina or accordion. Once the pleats are retracted, they fold, stacking back on each other easily.

The pleated fly screens for patio, for example, are used more frequently as they have less tension as compared to the retractable screens. They also don’t require a spring-loaded tube like the retractable fly screens. This makes the pleated fly screens an amazing option for children and the elderly as it requires little muscle strength to open or close.

At Corner Star Fly Screens South Africa, we have pleated fly screens that feature a sleek and modern design that blends in perfectly with the existing door or window frames. No clunky or awkward additions, just a clean and minimal execution serving the right purpose.

Hinged Fly Screens

Hinged fly screens are designed to fit on the door’s side using a hinged framework. The term ‘hinged’ refers to the hinges attached on the side of the door so it can swing. The hinged fly screens used a similar mechanism as shutters and they are also cost-effective. They are made for doors and they act like the fly screen mesh for the door frame.

Sliding Insect Screens

These are made for the sliding doors and windows in your home. The fly screen has a frame that is mounted on the tracks such that its easily slid along the additional track running parallel to the windows or doors.

Screen Windows

These are the standard type of fly screens for windows. They are usually a simple frame with the insect mesh extended over it. They are designed as an archetypal design with no additional features. They can also be removed and reinstalled depending on how they were initially installed.

Choosing Fly Screens for Your Home

Fly screens are an essential feature in South African homes, but choosing the best for your home isn’t an easy option. When choosing the fly screen for your South African home, consider your personal preferences and factors such as location, climate, view, and the insects you are dealing with in your location. Also put into consideration the pets, children, frequency of use and privacy.

Corner Star has fly screens of different materials, mesh size, style and color available for purchase and installation. We have experts who take a survey of your property whether residential or commercial and give you the best fly screen options for your property. We also have expert handyman services to quickly install the fly screens in south Africa protecting you from nagging and disease-carrying insects.

Why Choose Corner Star?

We recommend that you use a proven and trusted fly screen provider in South Africa like Corner Star to ensure you get the right fly screen type for your windows and doors. Never underestimate the impact of the right fly screens in your home. If you are going for durability and effectiveness, get Corner Star to install the right fly screens for your home’s design.

At Corner Star, form and function are vital parts of our design process. We cater to the different requirements of our clients by offering them unique systems that provide them with versatility for effectiveness and convenience through all our products. Corner Star provides the best Insect Screen and Security screen design and installation services in South Africa. Let us help you keep unwanted visitors and pests out of your home.

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