About Us

The Corner Star flyscreen has fast become a favourite in homes and industry because of the unique design that makes it superior to other brands.




We strive to give our customers the best experience with three principles.


We believe that our flyscreen is probably the most versatile and durable insect screens. The Corner Star Flyscreen have been developed since 1999 and has fast become a favourite in homes, hospitals, farms and game lodges because of its unique design that makes it superior to other brands.

The Patented Corners
The patented corner system used in the Corner Star Flyscreen is an important part of the durability and versatility of the product.It is the only system of its kind and has set our product apart from the competition.

The Mesh
The meshing is imported from the United States, specifically designed for high temperatures.The mesh itself is made from interwoven fiber glass and coated with PVC. This means it’s not only strong but dos not rust or corrode.The Corner Star mosquito screens can have its mesh replaced without compromising the product.